Replacement for Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA Ac Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A 65W
Replacement for Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA Ac Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A 65W
Manufacturer: Toshiba
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Replacement for Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA Ac Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A 65W Specifications
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back !
Warranty 12 Months Warranty !
Condition Brand New 100%
DC output voltage 19V
Power 65W
Connector size 5.5mm x 2.5mm
DC output current 3.42A

Shipping: 1 x Power Cord with Plug(according to your country);

Laptop AC & DC Power Adapter Tips:

  • All our laptop notebook AC DC power adapters are brand new, UL & CE cerfitied for safety, 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications and come with full 12 months replacement warranty.
  • Please check your original adapter's OEM part number which is printed on your adapter label, laptop model number with our postings before the purchase to make sure you get the right power adapter.
  • Each laptop computer requires a unique voltage, current and connector. Make sure the new notebook charger has the same voltage as the original one.
  • Leaving a battery in a laptop while using the adapter for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.
  • Do not use the laptop power adapter in dusty, dirty, and hot areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged.
  • Unplug notebook adapter's AC or DC power when not in use.
  • Store laptop AC DC power adapter in cool and dry place.

Compatible Machines
Satellite A505-S6004 Satellite A505-S6005 Satellite A505-S6007
Satellite A505-S6009 Satellite A505-S6012 Satellite A505-S6014
Satellite A505-S6015 Satellite A505-S6016 Satellite A505-S6017
Satellite A505-S6020 Satellite A505-S6025 Satellite A505-S6030
Satellite A505-S6031 Satellite A505-S6033 Satellite A505-S6034
Satellite A505-S6035 Satellite A505-S6040 Satellite A505-S6960
Satellite A505-S6965 Satellite A505-S6966 Satellite A505-S6967
Satellite A505-S6969 Satellite A505-S6970 Satellite A505-S6971
Satellite A505-S6972 Satellite A505-S6973 Satellite A505-S6975
Satellite A505-S6976 Satellite A505-S6979 Satellite A505-S6980
Satellite A505-S69803 Satellite A505-S6981 Satellite A505-S6982
Satellite A505-S6983 Satellite A505-S6984 Satellite A505-S6985
Satellite A505-S6986 Satellite A505-S6989 Satellite A505-S6990
Satellite A505-S6991 Satellite A505-S6992 Satellite A505-S6993
Satellite A505-S6994 Satellite A505-S6995 Satellite A505-S6996
Satellite A505-S6997 Satellite A505-S6998 Satellite A505-S6999
Satellite A505-SP6022L Satellite A505-SP6022M Satellite A505-SP6023L
Satellite A505-SP6023M Satellite A505-SP6910A Satellite A505-SP6910C
Satellite A505-SP6910R Satellite A505-SP6986A Satellite A505-SP6986C
Satellite A505-SP6986R Satellite A505-SP6988A Satellite A505-SP6988C
Satellite A505-SP6988R Satellite A505-SP6996A Satellite A505-SP6996C
Satellite A505-SP6996R Satellite A505-SP7913A Satellite A505-SP7913C
Satellite A505-SP7913R Satellite A505-SP7914A Satellite A505-SP7914C
Satellite A505-SP7914R Satellite A505-SP7930A Satellite A505-SP7930C
Satellite A505-SP7930R Satellite C655-S5047 Satellite C655-S5113
Satellite C655-S5206 Satellite A660-BT2N22 Satellite A660-BT2N23
Satellite A660-BT2N25 Satellite L755-S5213 Satellite L755-S5214
Satellite L755-S5216 Satellite L755-S5221GR Satellite L755-S5239
Satellite L755-S5242 Satellite L755-S5242BN Satellite L755-S5242RD
Satellite L755-S5242WH Satellite L755-S5243 Satellite L755-S5244
Satellite L755-S5245 Satellite L755-S5246 Satellite L755-S5247
Satellite L755-S5248 Satellite L755-S5249 Satellite L755-S5252
Satellite L755-S5253 Satellite L755-S5254 Satellite L755-S5255
Satellite L755-S5256 Satellite L755-S5257 Satellite L755-S5258
Satellite L755-S5271 Satellite L755-S5273 Satellite L755-S5275
Satellite L755-S5277 Satellite L755-S5280 Satellite L755-S5282
Satellite L755-S9510BN Satellite L755-S9510D Satellite L755-S9510RD
Satellite L755-S9511D Satellite L755-S9512D Satellite L755-S9512WH
Satellite L755-S9520D Satellite L755-S9530D Satellite L755-S9530WH
Satellite L755-SP5101CL Satellite L505-ES5011 Satellite L505-ES5012
Satellite L505-ES5015 Satellite L505-ES5016 Satellite L505-ES5018
Satellite L505-ES5033 Satellite L505-ES5034 Satellite L505-ES5036
Satellite L505-ES5042 Satellite L505-GS5035 Satellite L505-GS5037
Satellite L505-GS5038 Satellite L505-GS5039 Satellite L505-LS5014
Satellite L505-LS5017 Satellite L505-LS5021 Satellite L505-S5964
Satellite L505-S5966 Satellite L505-S5967 Satellite L505-S5969
Satellite L505-S5971 Satellite L505-S5972 Satellite L505-S5984
Satellite L505-S5988 Satellite L505-S5990 Satellite L505-S5993
Satellite L505-S5995 Satellite L505-S5997 Satellite L505-S5998
Satellite L505-S5999 Satellite L505-S6946 Satellite L505-S6951
Satellite L505-S6953 Satellite L505-S6954 Satellite L505-S6955
Satellite L505-S6956 Satellite L505-S6959 Satellite L505-S6962
Satellite L505-SP6011L Satellite L505-SP6011M Satellite L505-SP6013L
Satellite L505-SP6013M Satellite L505-SP6015L Satellite L505-SP6015M
Satellite L505-SP6019L Satellite L505-SP6019M Satellite L555-S7001
Satellite L555-S7002 Satellite L555-S7008 Satellite L555-S7010
Satellite L555-S7916 Satellite L555-S7918 Satellite L555-S7929
Satellite L555-S7945 Satellite A665-S5169X Satellite A665-S5170
Satellite A665-S5171 Satellite A665-S5173 Satellite A665-S5176X
Satellite A665-S5177X Satellite A665-S5179 Satellite A665-S5180
Satellite A665-S5181 Satellite A665-S5182X Satellite A665-S5183X
Satellite A665-S5184X Satellite A665-S5185 Satellite A665-S5186
Satellite A665-S5187X Satellite A665-S5199X Satellite A665-S6050
Satellite A665-S6054 Satellite A665-S6055 Satellite A665-S6056
Satellite A665-S6057 Satellite A665-S6058 Satellite A665-S6065
Satellite A665-S6067 Satellite A665-S6070 Satellite A665-S6079
Satellite A665-S6080 Satellite A665-S6081 Satellite A665-S6085
Satellite A665-S6086 Satellite A665-S6087 Satellite A665-S6088
Satellite A665-S6089 Satellite A665-S6090 Satellite A665-S6092
Satellite A665-S6093 Satellite A665-S6094 Satellite A665-S6095
Satellite A665-S6097 Satellite A665-S6098 Satellite A665-SP6001L
Satellite A665-SP6002L Satellite A665-SP6002M Satellite A665-SP6003L
Satellite A665-SP6003M Satellite A665-SP6004L Satellite A665-SP6004M
Satellite A665-SP6010L Satellite A665-SP6010M Satellite A665-SP6011L
Satellite A665-SP6011M Satellite A665-SP6012L Satellite A665-SP6012M
Satellite A665-SP6013L Satellite A665-SP6013M Satellite L655-S5100
Satellite L655-S5100BK Satellite L655-S5100BN Satellite L655-S5100RD
Satellite L655-S5100WH Satellite L655-S5101 Satellite L655-S5103
Satellite L655-S5105 Satellite L655-S5106 Satellite L655-S5106BN
Satellite L655-S5106RD Satellite L655-S5106WH Satellite L655-S5107
Satellite L655-S5108 Satellite L655-S5111 Satellite L655-S5112
Satellite L655-S51121 Satellite L655-S51122 Satellite L655-S51122BN
Satellite L655-S5112RD Satellite L655-S5112WH Satellite L655-S5114
Satellite L655-S5115 Satellite L655-S5144 Satellite L655-S5146
Satellite L655-S5147 Satellite L655-S5149 Satellite L655-S5149WH
Satellite L655-S5150 Satellite L655-S5153 Satellite L655-S5154
Satellite L655-S5155 Satellite L655-S5156 Satellite L655-S5156BN
Satellite L655-S5156RD Satellite L655-S5156WH Satellite L655-S5157
Satellite L655-S5158 Satellite L655-S5160 Satellite L655-S5161
Satellite L655-S5161BNX Satellite L655-S5161RDX Satellite L655-S5161WHX
Satellite L655-S5161X Satellite L655-S5162X Satellite L655-S5163
Satellite L655-S5165 Satellite L655-S5166BNX Satellite L655-S5166RDX
Satellite L655-S5166WHX Satellite L655-S5166X Satellite L655-S5167X
Satellite L655-S5168 Satellite L655-S5188 Satellite L655-S5191
Satellite L655-S5198 Satellite L655-S9510D Satellite L655-S9511D
Satellite L655-S9520D Satellite L655-S9521D Satellite U505-S2002
Satellite U505-S2005 Satellite U505-S2005PK Satellite U505-S2005RD
Satellite U505-S2005WH Satellite U505-S2006 Satellite U505-S2006PK
Satellite U505-S2006RD Satellite U505-S2006WH Satellite U505-S2008
Satellite U505-S2010 Satellite U505-S2012 Satellite U505-S2020
Satellite U505-S2925BN Satellite U505-S2925P Satellite U505-S2925W
Satellite U505-S2930 Satellite U505-S2935 Satellite U505-S2940
Satellite U505-S2950 Satellite U505-S2950PK Satellite U505-S2950RD
Satellite U505-S2950WH Satellite U505-S2960 Satellite U505-S2960PK
Satellite U505-S2960RD Satellite U505-S2960WH Satellite U505-S2965
Satellite U505-S2965RD Satellite U505-S2965WH Satellite U505-S2970
Satellite U505-S2975 Satellite U505-S2980-T Satellite U505-SP2017L
Satellite U505-SP2017M Satellite U505-SP2916A Satellite U505-SP2916C
Satellite U505-SP2916R Satellite U505-SP2990A Satellite U505-SP2990C
Satellite U505-SP2990R Satellite U505-SP3018L Satellite U505-SP3018M
Satellite L455-S1591 Satellite L455-S1592 Satellite L455-S5000
Satellite L455-S5008 Satellite L455-S5009 Satellite L455-S5045
Satellite L455-S5046 Satellite L455-S5075 Satellite L455-S5080
Satellite L455-S5081 Satellite L455-S5089 Satellite L455-SC2085
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Satellite L455-SP2902A Satellite L455-SP2902C Satellite L455-SP2902R
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Satellite M505-S4990-T Satellite T135D-S1320 Satellite T135D-S1322
Satellite T135D-S1324 Satellite T135D-S1325 Satellite T135D-S1325RD
Satellite T135D-S1325WH Satellite T135D-S1326 Satellite T135D-S1327
Satellite T135D-S1328 Satellite T135D-S1328RD Satellite T135D-S1328WH
Satellite T135D-SP2012L Satellite T135D-SP2012M Portege R700-S1301
Portege R700-S1310 Portege R700-S1311 Portege R700-S1312
Portege R700-S1320 Portege R700-S1321 Portege R700-S1322
Portege R700-S1322W Portege R705-P25 Portege R705-P35
Portege R705-P40 Portege R705-P41 Portege R705-P42
Portege R705-SP3001L Portege R705-SP3001M Portege R705-SP3002L
Portege R705-SP3002M Portege R705-SP3003L Portege R705-SP3003M
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Portege R705-ST2N04 Tecra R840-Oracle Tecra R840-S8410
Tecra R840-S8411 Tecra R840-S8420 Tecra R840-S8430
Tecra R840-S8440 Tecra R840-S8450 Tecra R840-SP4130
Tecra R840-SP4130L Tecra R840-SP4163 Tecra R840-SP4163M
Tecra R840-SP4170M Tecra R840-ST8400 Tecra R840-ST8401
Satellite Pro L550-EZ1702 Satellite Pro L550-EZ1703 Satellite Pro L550-W1703
Satellite Pro L450-EZ1510 Satellite Pro L450-EZ1522 Satellite Pro L450-EZ1541
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Satellite Pro L450-W1543 Satellite Pro L450-Z2510T Tecra R850-SP5135L
Tecra R850-SP5160 Tecra R850-SP5160M Tecra R850-SP5161M
Tecra R850-SP5162M Tecra R850-SP5171M Tecra R850-SP5172M
Tecra R850-SP5175M Satellite Pro S300L-SP5919A Satellite Pro S300L-SP5919C
Satellite Pro S300L-SP5919R Satellite C650-BT2N11 Satellite C650-BT2N13
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Satellite A665D-S6096 Portege R705-SP3114M Portege R830-S8310
Portege R830-ST8300 Portege R835-P50X Portege R835-P70
Portege R835-ST3N01 Portege R830-Oracle Portege R830-S8320
Portege R830-S8330 Portege R835-P55X Portege R835-P56X
Portege R835-P75 Portege R835 Portege R835-SP3132
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Satellite P745-S4250 Satellite P745-SP4160M NB 105 series
NB 105-SP2801A NB 105-SP2801C NB 105-SP2801R
NB 105-SP2802A NB 105-SP2802C NB 105-SP2802R
libretto U100 Portege R700 Portege R700-ST1300
Portege R700-ST1303 Portege R705 Portege R830
Portege R830-SP3131 Portege R830-SP3131L Portege R830-SP3164
Portege R830-SP3164M Portege R830-SP3173M Portege R830-SP3174M
Satellite A100-S2211TD Satellite A100-S2311TD Satellite A100-S8111TD
Satellite A105 Satellite A500 Satellite A505-SP6021L
Satellite A505-SP6021M Satellite C605 Satellite C605-SP4101A
Satellite C605-SP4101C Satellite C605-SP4101L Satellite C605-SP4102A
Satellite C605-SP4102C Satellite C605-SP4102L Satellite C605-SP4104L
Satellite C605-SP4160M Satellite C605-SP4161M Satellite C605-SP4162M
Satellite C605-SP4163M Satellite C605-SP4164M Satellite C650D-ST2N01
Satellite C650D-ST2N02 Satellite C650D-ST2N03 Satellite C650D-ST2NX1
Satellite C650D-ST2NX2 Satellite C650-ST2N01 Satellite C655D-S5041
Satellite C655D-S5042 Satellite C655D-S5043 Satellite C655D-S5044
Satellite C655D-S5045 Satellite C655D-S5046 Satellite C655D-S5048
Satellite C655D-S5051 Satellite C655D-S5057 Satellite C655D-S5063
Satellite C655D-S5064 Satellite C655D-S5079 Satellite C655D-S5080
Satellite C655D-S5081 Satellite C655D-S5084 Satellite C655D-S5085
Satellite C655D-S50851 Satellite C655D-S50852 Satellite C655D-S50853
Satellite C655D-S50854 Satellite C655D-S5086 Satellite C655D-S5087
Satellite C655D-S5088 Satellite C655D-S5089 Satellite C655D-S5091
Satellite C655D-S5120 Satellite C655D-S5124 Satellite C655D-S5126
Satellite C655D-S5130 Satellite C655D-S5132 Satellite C655D-S5133
Satellite C655D-S5134 Satellite C655D-S5135 Satellite C655D-S5136
Satellite C655D-S5138 Satellite C655D-S5139 Satellite C655D-S5143
Satellite C655D-S5192 Satellite C655D-SP4131L Satellite C655D-SP4151M
Satellite C655D-SP5003M Satellite C655D-SP5024L Satellite C655D-SP5024M
Satellite C655D-SP5034L Satellite C655D-SP5182M Satellite C655D-SP6004L
Satellite C655D-SP6004M Satellite C655-S9510D Satellite C655-SP5133L
Satellite E305 Satellite E305-S1990X Satellite E305-S1995
Satellite L15 series Satellite L20 series Satellite L25 series
Satellite L45 series Satellite L510 Satellite L510-ST3405
Satellite L640-BT2N13 Satellite L640-BT2N15 Satellite L640-ST2N01
Satellite L645D-S4025 Satellite L645D-S4029 Satellite L645D-S4030
Satellite L645D-S4033 Satellite L645D-S4036 Satellite L645D-S4037
Satellite L645D-S4037BN Satellite L645D-S4037RD Satellite L645D-S4037WH
Satellite L645D-S4040 Satellite L645D-S4050 Satellite L645D-S4050BN
Satellite L645D-S4050GY Satellite L645D-S4050RD Satellite L645D-S4050WH
Satellite L645D-S4052 Satellite L645D-S4053 Satellite L645D-S4056
Satellite L645D-S4058 Satellite L645D-S4058BN Satellite L645D-S4058RD
Satellite L645D-S4058WH Satellite L645D-S4100 Satellite L645D-S4100BN
Satellite L645D-S4100GY Satellite L645D-S4100RD Satellite L645D-S4100WH
Satellite L645D-S4106 Satellite L645D-S4106BN Satellite L645D-S4106RD
Satellite L645D-S4106WH Satellite L645D-S9411D Satellite L645D-SP4001L
Satellite L645D-SP4001M Satellite L645D-SP4002L Satellite L645D-SP4002M
Satellite L645D-SP4005L Satellite L645D-SP4005M Satellite L645D-SP4015L
Satellite L645D-SP4015M Satellite L645D-SP4016L Satellite L645D-SP4016M
Satellite L645D-SP4017L Satellite L645D-SP4017M Satellite L645D-SP4020L
Satellite L645D-SP4020M Satellite L645D-SP4021L Satellite L645D-SP4021M
Satellite L645D-SP4022L Satellite L645D-SP4022M Satellite L645D-SP4023L
Satellite L645D-SP4023M Satellite L645D-SP4131 Satellite L645D-SP4131L
Satellite L645D-SP4166 Satellite L645D-SP4167 Satellite L645D-SP4167M
Satellite L645D-SP4168 Satellite L645D-SP4168M Satellite L645D-SP4169
Satellite L645D-SP4169M Satellite L645D-SP4170KM Satellite L645D-SP4170LM
Satellite L645D-SP4170NM Satellite L645D-SP4170RM Satellite L645D-SP4170VM
Satellite L645D-SP4170WM Satellite L645-S4026 Satellite L645-S4026BN
Satellite L645-S4026GY Satellite L645-S4026RD Satellite L645-S4026WH
Satellite L645-S4032 Satellite L645-S4038 Satellite L645-S4055
Satellite L645-S4059 Satellite L645-S4060 Satellite L645-S4102
Satellite L645-S4103 Satellite L645-S4104 Satellite L645-S4104BN
Satellite L645-S4104RD Satellite L645-S4104WH Satellite L645-S4108
Satellite L645-S9411D Satellite L645-S9412D Satellite L645-S9420D
Satellite L645-S9421D Satellite L645-S9422D Satellite L645-S9430D
Satellite L645-S9431D Satellite L645-S9432D Satellite L645-SP4003L
Satellite L645-SP4003M Satellite L645-SP4004L Satellite L645-SP4004M
Satellite L645-SP4006L Satellite L645-SP4006M Satellite L645-SP4010L
Satellite L645-SP4010M Satellite L645-SP4011L Satellite L645-SP4011M
Satellite L645-SP4019L Satellite L645-SP4019M Satellite L645-SP4025L
Satellite L645-SP4025M Satellite L645-SP4030L Satellite L645-SP4033L
Satellite L645-SP4130L Satellite L645-SP4135 Satellite L645-SP4135A
Satellite L645-SP4135L Satellite L645-SP4137 Satellite L645-SP4137A
Satellite L645-SP4137L Satellite L645-SP4138 Satellite L645-SP4138L
Satellite L645-SP4163 Satellite L645-SP4163M Satellite L645-SP4165
Satellite L645-SP4165M Satellite L650-BT2N15 Satellite L650-BT2N22
Satellite L650-BT2N23 Satellite L650-ST3N01X Satellite L650-ST3N02X
Satellite L650-ST3NX1 Satellite L655D-S5050 Satellite L655D-S5055
Satellite L655D-S5066 Satellite L655D-S5066BN Satellite L655D-S5066RD
Satellite L655D-S5066WH Satellite L655D-S5067 Satellite L655D-S5076
Satellite L655D-S5076BN Satellite L655D-S5076RD Satellite L655D-S5076WH
Satellite L655D-S5093 Satellite L655D-S5094 Satellite L655D-S5095
Satellite L655D-S5102 Satellite L655D-S5102BN Satellite L655D-S5102RD
Satellite L655D-S5102WH Satellite L655D-S5104 Satellite L655D-S5109
Satellite L655D-S5110 Satellite L655D-S5110BN Satellite L655D-S5110RD
Satellite L655D-S5110WH Satellite L655D-S5116 Satellite L655D-S5145
Satellite L655D-S5148 Satellite L655D-S5151 Satellite L655D-S5152
Satellite L655D-S5159 Satellite L655D-S5159BN Satellite L655D-S5159RD
Satellite L655D-S5159WH Satellite L655D-S5164 Satellite L655D-S5164BN
Satellite L655D-S5164RD Satellite L655D-S5164WH Satellite L655D-S5190
Satellite L655D-SP5010L Satellite L655D-SP5160 Satellite L655D-SP6001L
Satellite L655-S5058 Satellite L655-S5059 Satellite L655-S5060
Satellite L655-S5061 Satellite L655-S5062 Satellite L655-S5065
Satellite L655-S5065BN Satellite L655-S5065RD Satellite L655-S5065WH
Satellite L655-S5069 Satellite L655-S5071 Satellite L655-S5072
Satellite L655-S5073 Satellite L655-S5074 Satellite L655-S5075
Satellite L655-S5078 Satellite L655-S5078BN Satellite L655-S5078RD
Satellite L655-S5078WH Satellite L655-S5083 Satellite L655-S5096
Satellite L655-S5097 Satellite L655-S5098 Satellite L655-S5098BN
Satellite L655-S5098RD Satellite L655-S5098WH Satellite L655-S5099
Satellite L655-SP6004L Satellite L655-SP6004M Satellite L665D-SP6001M
Satellite L665D-SP6002L Satellite L665D-SP6002M Satellite L665D-SP6003L
Satellite L665D-SP6003M Satellite L670-BT2N13 Satellite L670-BT2N22
Satellite L670-BT2N23 Satellite L670-BT2N25 Satellite L670D-BT2N22
Satellite L670D-ST2N01 Satellite L670D-ST2N02 Satellite L670D-ST2N03
Satellite L670D-ST2N04 Satellite L670-ST3NX1 Satellite L675D-S7012
Satellite L675D-S7013 Satellite L675D-S7014 Satellite L675D-S7015
Satellite L675D-S7016 Satellite L675D-S7017 Satellite L675D-S7019
Satellite L675D-S7022 Satellite L675D-S7040 Satellite L675D-S7040GY
Satellite L675D-S7042 Satellite L675D-S7046 Satellite L675D-S7047
Satellite L675D-S7049 Satellite L675D-S7050 Satellite L675D-S7052
Satellite L675D-S7053 Satellite L675D-S7060 Satellite L675D-S7100
Satellite L675D-S7101 Satellite L675D-S7102 Satellite L675D-S7102GY
Satellite L675D-S7103 Satellite L675D-S7104 Satellite L675D-S7105
Satellite L675D-S7106 Satellite L675D-S7107 Satellite L675D-S7111
Satellite L675-S7018 Satellite L675-S7020 Satellite L675-S7044
Satellite L675-S7048 Satellite L675-S7051 Satellite L675-S7062
Satellite L675-S7108 Satellite L675-S7109 Satellite L675-S7110
Satellite L675-S7112 Satellite L675-S7113 Satellite L675-S7115
Satellite L730-BT4N11 Satellite L730-ST4N01 Satellite L735-S3210
Satellite L735-S9310D Satellite L735-SP3101M Satellite L735-SP3161M
Satellite L735-SP3162RM Satellite L740-BT4N11 Satellite L740-BT4N22
Satellite L745D-S4214 Satellite L745D-S4220 Satellite L745D-S4220BN
Satellite L745D-S4220GR Satellite L745D-S4220RD Satellite L745D-S4220WH
Satellite L745D-S4230 Satellite L745-S4210 Satellite L745-S9423RD
Satellite L745-SP4141CL Satellite L745-SP4142CL Satellite L745-SP4147RM
Satellite L750-BT4N22 Satellite L750D-ST4N01 Satellite L755D-SP5165RM
Satellite L755D-SP5166FM Satellite L770-BT4N22 Satellite L770D-ST4N01
Satellite L770-ST4NX1 Satellite L775D-S7206 Satellite L775D-S7210
Satellite L775D-S7220 Satellite L775D-S7220GR Satellite L775D-S7222
Satellite L775D-S7223 Satellite L775D-S7224 Satellite L775D-S7226
Satellite L775D-S7228 Satellite L775-S7240 Satellite L775-S7241
Satellite L775-S7243 Satellite L775-S7245 Satellite L775-S7250
Satellite M30X-S1592ST Satellite M30X-S1593ST Satellite M30X-S171ST
Satellite M30X-S221ST Satellite M30X-S221TD Satellite M35X-S109
Satellite M35X-S111 Satellite M35X-S114 Satellite M35X-S1141
Satellite M35X-S1142 Satellite M35X-S1143 Satellite M35X-S149
Satellite M35X-S1491 Satellite M35X-S1492 Satellite M35X-S161
Satellite M35X-S1611 Satellite M35X-S163 Satellite M35X-S1631
Satellite M35X-S309 Satellite M35X-S3091 Satellite M35X-S311
Satellite M35X-S3111 Satellite M35X-S3112 Satellite M35X-S329
Satellite M35X-S3291 Satellite M35X-S349 Satellite M35X-S3491
Satellite M45-S165 Satellite M45-S1651 Satellite M45-S169
Satellite M45-S1691 Satellite M55-S1001 Satellite M55-S141
Satellite M55-S1412 Satellite M640-BT2N22 Satellite M640-BT2N25
Satellite M640-BT2N25X Satellite M640-ST3N01X Satellite M645-S4045
Satellite M645-S4047 Satellite M645-S4048 Satellite M645-S4049
Satellite M645-S4050 Satellite M645-S4055 Satellite M645-S4061
Satellite M645-S4062 Satellite M645-S4063 Satellite M645-S4065
Satellite M645-S4067 Satellite M645-S4070 Satellite M645-S4080
Satellite M645-S4110 Satellite M645-S4112 Satellite M645-S4114
Satellite M645-S4115 Satellite M645-S4116X Satellite M645-S4118X
Satellite M645-SP4010L Satellite M645-SP4010M Satellite M645-SP4014M
Satellite M645-SP6001L Satellite M645-SP6001M Satellite P770-ST4N01
Satellite Pro C640 Satellite Pro C640-SP4004L Satellite Pro C640-SP4004M
Satellite Pro C640-SP4015L Satellite Pro C640-SP4015M Satellite Pro C640-SP4019L
Satellite Pro C640-SP4019M Satellite Pro C650 Satellite Pro C650D
Satellite Pro C650D-SP5180M Satellite Pro C650-EZ1511 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1512
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1513 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1515D Satellite Pro C650-EZ1521
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1523 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1524 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1533
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1534 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1540 Satellite Pro C650-EZ1550
Satellite Pro C650-SP4166 Satellite Pro C650-SP4166M Satellite Pro C650-SP5016L
Satellite Pro C650-SP5016M Satellite Pro C650-SP5181M Satellite Pro C650-SP6002L
Satellite Pro C650-SP6002M Satellite Pro C650-Z2510T Satellite Pro L450
Satellite Pro L500 Satellite Pro L500-EZ1520 Satellite Pro L500-EZ1530
Satellite Pro L500-SP6016L Satellite Pro L500-SP6016M Satellite Pro L500-SP6018L
Satellite Pro L500-SP6018M Satellite Pro L510 Satellite Pro L510-EZ1410
Satellite Pro L510-W1410 Satellite Pro L550 Satellite Pro L630
Satellite Pro L630-EZ1310 Satellite Pro L630-EZ1311 Satellite Pro L640
Satellite Pro L640-EZ1410 Satellite Pro L640-EZ1411 Satellite Pro L640-EZ1412
Satellite Pro L640-SP4136 Satellite Pro L670 Satellite Pro L670-EZ1710
Satellite Pro L670-EZ1711 Satellite Pro L670-EZ1712 Satellite Pro L670-EZ1715D
Satellite Pro S300L Satellite Pro T110 Satellite Pro T110-EZ1110
Satellite Pro T110-EZ1120 Satellite Pro T130 Satellite Pro T130-EZ1301
Satellite Pro T130-W1302 Satellite Pro U500 Satellite Pro U500-00700801
Satellite Pro U500-EZ1311 Satellite Pro U500-EZ1321 Satellite Pro U500-S1322
Satellite Pro U500-W1321 Satellite R845 Satellite R845-S80
Satellite T115D-S1120 Satellite T115D-S1120RD Satellite T115D-S1121
Satellite T115D-S1125 Satellite T115D-S1125RD Satellite T115D-SP2001L
Satellite T115D-SP2001M Satellite T115-S1100 Satellite T115-S1105
Satellite T115-S1108 Satellite T115-S1110 Satellite T135-SP2013L
Satellite T135-SP2013M Satellite T135-SP2909R Satellite T135-SP2910A
Satellite T135-SP2910C Satellite T135-SP2910R Satellite T135-SP2911A
Satellite T135-SP2911C Satellite T135-SP2911R Tecra L2
Tecra L2-S011 Tecra L2-S022 Tecra L2-SP141
Tecra R840 Tecra R850-S8510 Tecra R850-S8511
Tecra R850-S8520 Tecra R850-S8530 Tecra R850-S8540
Tecra R850-S8550

Payment Method
Credit Card
Wire Transfer

Shipping Method
Shipping Method Shipping Time
USPS 2-5 Business Days
Fedex Express 1-3 Business Days to worldwide
Fedex 1 Business Days
The customer view about Replacement for Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA Ac Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A 65W
Paul Fatato | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I like the size and the length of the chord. It works great. I would totally by this again if I needed to.

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