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How to Replacement Laptop CD DVD Drive

Step 1:
prepare the Laptop, Notice: Make sure the Laptop is turned off,the lid is closed,and the Ac Adapter is disconnected.Failure to do so can result in damage to Laptop. Place the Laptop upside down on a prorected surface with the front edge facting you.
Step 2: 
Remove the Battery pack ,Locate the two tabs as shown in the picture.One is on the left end of the battery pack,and the other is located on the right side.Using your thumbs and finger push both tabs in the replease direction; gently push the battery away from you.

Step 3:
Locate Optical Drive Bay,Rotate the computer with the Optical Drive Bay facing you as shown in  the picture

Step 4:
Remove the Optical Drive Bay, Using the enclosed magnetic screwdriver,loosen up the three(3) securing the Optical Drive Bay.

Step 5:
To initiate the removal of the Optical Drive Bay,pull slightly Optical Drive door as shown in the picture.

Step 6:
with even force slide out the Optical Drive  as shown.Some force may be required to unlock the Optical Drive from the connector.

Step 7:
Hold the new Optical Drive Bay but the edges and align it with opening.IMPORTANT !install the new Optical Drive in the correct postion.

Step 8:
With an even force slide in the new Optical Drive .

Step 9:
Make sure the new Optical Drive Bay is seating flush on the edge of the computer.

Step 10:
IMPORTANT! Make sure the three(3) mounting holes are aligned properly .

Step 11:
Reintall the three (3) previously removed screws.

Reinstall the battery pack,Returen the old Optical Drive to sony following the include shipping instructions.